Reasons To Install PrestaShop Advanced Wishlist Module On Website

Wishlist permits customers to make customized assortments of products they need to purchase and save them in their client for future reference. A wishlist is to get connote a client’s advantage in a product without expecting them to purchase at the moment.

Offering wishlists is an effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment and fulfill sales from clients who showed intent but didn’t end up purchasing. This provides clients an easy way to remind themselves of a product.

This PrestaShop Advanced Wishlist Module allows the admin to provide an option to online shoppers to save the shortlisted product to their wishlist. The main purpose of this Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Module is to reduce the cart abandonment rate of the website.

This Prestashop saves for later addon helps the admin to increase the sale of the website.

Benefits of the Prestashop Wishlist Addon feature:

1. Prestashop save for later extension Boost the Sales: 

The Prestashop wishlist helps the store admin to support the eCommerce store. The customer adds more items to their shopping basket when they visit the store. This leads to an increase in sales and customer engagement. 

2. Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Addon Retain Leads: 

A Prestashop wishlist can motivate the client to signup for an account who wouldn’t have otherwise. With the help of this extension, PrestaShop admin can show the recommended product to the storage client.

3. Prestashop Wishlist Addon Allows Re-Price Products:

To support client commitment and conversion sales, Prestashop Save For Later gives store admin the flexibility to see the demanded product in there according to demand thy changes in the price structure of items to pull in more clients. This extension is helpful in numerous manners that help in increasing the conversion rate, build brand mindfulness, builds client engagement, and hold clients.

4. Sale items:

This Prestashop Favourite Product list Extension is likewise applicable to things that are on sale. For instance, Myntra informs its site clients or client when client wishlist products are highlighted at lower costs. This is a great technique for re-engaging clients who showed both interest and hesitation to purchase. 

5. Out of stock products: 

The Prestashop save for later addon additionally help the admin to investigate the clients based on the products added in their wishlist. The admin can inform the client to save the item that is back in stock on the other hand.

Features of Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Addon:

1. Wishlist Feature: 

The Prestashop Favourite Product list Extension permits the client to save the shortlisted item to their wishlist to get in the aim of the future purchase.

2. Allows customer to maintain a private wishlist: 

Prestashop Save For Later addon gives guests just as Registered clients the choice to make their wishlist to get and save items in it for future reference. With this addon, clients can save the limitless number of the item to their wishlist.

3. Functionality to view “Save product list” of any customer: 

The Prestashop Save For Later extension offers store owners a chance to see the list of items saved by the clients in their wishlist.

4.  Prestashop Save For Later Provide Success Message Language: 

The eCommerce store owner can change the language according to the need from the back-end of the Prestashop most loved wishlist.

5. Enable/Disable Save for Later Button: 

With the assistance of Prestashop wishlist addon by Knowband, Prestashop store owners can enable/disable the put something aside for later button.

6. Mobile Responsive: 

Prestashop Save of the later addon that supercharges your eCommerce website and gives you significantly something beyond a mobile responsive design. It is an ideal Prestashop addon for all mobile clients who are searching for an extraordinary client experience.

7. Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Extension Compatible With all Themes: 

The Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Extension permits cross-platform access just as it is loaded with a responsive UI.

8. Easily Customizable:

This extension is simple to use and customize. The Admin can change the content, format, or title of your page by customizing the general look of the shopping cart page.


The Wishlist highlight assumes a significant part in leading business on the internet. It is helpful for the two clients just as admin. With the assistance of the Wishlist functionality, the client can without much of a stretch save the ideal item. Now and then the client can’t accept the item given not getting the specific tone, cost, or size. Around then, he/she can use the wishlist to get functionality and buy the ideal items later on. So Wishlist isn’t just significant for your online business it likewise expands deals from your eCommerce site

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