How is Prestashop Advanced Wishlist addon beneficial?

In today’s time, you cannot expect your customers to come straight to the eCommerce store and shop products and services right away. You have to make sure that you provide them with options that the users spend time on your store, find the products that they are looking for and have a good experience while doing so. In that course, you should allow them to segregate the products they like in a place where they can come back and pick what they want to buy and BUY.

This place is the WISHLIST!

What is a wishlist?

A wishlist permits customers to make customized assortments of items they need to purchase and save them in their account for future reference. Wishlists connote a client’s advantage in an item without a quick aim to buy.

If you have a Prestashop store, you should have the feature of wishlist on your eCommerce store with the Prestashop advanced wishlist addon. Knowband offers the Prestashop advanced wishlist addon that permits online customers to add products to their wishlist can be an extraordinary method to build sales.

A wishlist encourages visitors to just monitor the products in which are intriguing however won’t accepting at this moment. They may return to your site later and quickly allude to the wishlist as opposed to perusing products to a great extent. In this way, if the lone motivation behind your eCommerce website is to expand sales, you need to have wishlist usefulness on your webpage.

This blog talks about the benefits of the Prestashop save for later extension for both the admin as well as the customers.

Benefits of the Prestashop save for later addon for the admin

1. Prestashop wishlist addon helps in increasing sale

The Prestashop Favourite product list extension encourages the store admin to help the eCommerce store. The customer adds more products to their shopping cart when they visit the store. It can support site sales. So, if you want to increase sales on your eCommerce store, you should have the Prestashop wishlist.

2. Prestashop save for later extension helps retain leads

The Prestashop wishlist addon ensures that the customers can simply log in or the visitor’s signup to add the products that they like to their wishlist. In case they don’t signup or log in, they will not be able to add the products to the wishlist. Hence, having the Prestashop advanced wishlist extension can help you retain leads.

3. Re-price your products to expand sales

To energize user engagement and conversion sales, Prestashop saves for later addon gives the store admin the adaptability to see the demanded product in there as indicated by demand. Thus, he can change the pricing of the products that are in demand to build sales rate, expand brand awareness, expands user engagement, and hold customers.

4. Unavailable products

The Prestashop advanced wishlist addon likewise encourages the admin to understand the availability of the products in the store. With the Prestashop advanced wishlist extension, the admin can inform the customer saved product is back in stock alternatively.

Benefits of the Prestashop Favourite Product list Extension for the customers

  1. Thanks to the Prestashop advanced wishlist module, the customers can easily shortlist the products they like and might want to buy later.
  2. The customers can easily view the wish-listed products, recently viewed and recommended ones as well.
  3. With the help of this Prestashop Advanced Wishlist addon on your store, the customers can view the wishlist on the checkout page. This step would help them add more products to the cart.
  4. The customers can also edit their cart on the checkout page and save some products to the wishlist for later.
  5. The Prestashop module allows the online purchasers to share their wishlist with others through Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.


Having the features of the Prestashop wishlist add-on on your eCommerce store is a benefit for both the admin and the shoppers. You also can increase sales, expand your business horizons and make your customers happy. Check out the links mentioned below to know more about the Prestashop save for a later add-on. Check out the links below to know more about the Prestashop Advanced Wishlist addon.

User Manual

Admin Demo

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