Explaining the Website UI feature of Prestashop gift card manager

Prestashop gift card manager by KnowBand lets you attract more clients to your store. Furthermore, the  Prestashop gift card manager addon enables PrestaShop store owners to handle gift cards based on their requirements. Moreover, the plugin is a simple approach to raise the number of clients visiting the website. Pre-paid coupons can assist e-merchants in assisting store visitors to buy intent as well as simply converting them into paying leads.

Prestashop gift card manager

What is the Website UI feature of the Prestashop gift card manager?

Prestashop gift card manager

UI stands for User Interface. The website UI feature of Prestashop Gift Card Manager is one of the incredible features of the module. Furthermore, the store merchant can decide to showcase links to the gift cards page in the front end. When visitors to the store click the link, they will be taken to the site’s gift card page. The PrestaShop gift card manager addon from Knowband will look quite similar on the front-end of the website. 

Prestashop send a gift card addon that allows customers to pick from a wide range of cards for several occasions. For instance, he selects the Happy Halloween greeting card and all he has to do now is click the card’s “Send button”. The consumer will be further taken to the ‘Enter Details’ page and here he can fill in all of the necessary information. The Prestashop gift card module even gives the option of printing or emailing the card. In the part given below, the sender and receiver’s names, as well as the message, might be mentioned.

Upload Image: 

Sender gets the freedom to upload a custom image for a personalized Gift Card.

Print By Yourself: 

Prestashop gift card manager

To print the gift card, fill in the essential information.

Send via email: 

Prestashop gift card lets you send the gift card to the recipient via email. All you need to do is add the recipient’s email address, a custom image, and a message for your loved one. Now, place the item in your shopping cart and go to the checkout page. The recipient will then receive the gift card.

Prestashop gift card manager

Now that you want to buy gift cards for your friends and family, this PrestaShop extension allows you to do so with just one click.

A final note on the Prestashop Gift Card Extension:

Prestashop Gift Card Extension by Knowband is a great addon as it increases the conversions on your eCommerce store. Further, the PrestaShop gift card extension allows customers to purchase gift cards online and send gift vouchers to friends through email at a set time and date. For in-person delivery, the sender can print a gift card. It has the capability of producing a personalized image gift card. For important occasions, online buyers can order gift cards for their loved ones.

Why Knowband?

Knowband is an eCommerce firm that provides modules and plugins for your eCommerce stores. The plugins offered by Knowband are rich in features due to which the functionality of your store enhances. Moreover, Knowband offers modules for various eCommerce platforms including Prestashop.

Along with efficient modules, Knowband provides post-sales support to the customers hence you may drop a mail at support@knowband.com.

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