The Very Reasons to Look Up to Prestashop Gift Card addon in 2021

With everything going digital, why would gifting stay behind? Now, when you think of digital gift cards, you must think about the various benefits that they’ll have on your eCommerce store. Starting from an alluring feature on the front-end, the list of benefits includes generating sales, building potential customers, tap an audience base that does not make the purchase instantly but will certainly do, and many more.

So, what are the reasons that make the Prestashop gift card addon by Knowband the best module to look forward to in the year 2021? Take a look at them below.

Advantages of PrestaShop Gift Card addon:

1. Customers are Shopping Online – Gifting Online

With the pandemic in mind, customers have taken everything online – shopping, sending things from one address to another, even gifting. You might say that it would be shopping and getting the gift delivered to the recipient’s address. Well, that’s one thing. But buying digital gift cards is the new way of gifting in 2021. The customers are going forward in buying the gift card from an online store like Amazon for a particular occasion and the recipient gets to shop something that he/she wants to with the value entered on it.

This way, the eCommerce stores must have the feature of Digital gift cards on their stores.

2. Visually Attractive User-Interface

The latest version of the PrestaShop Gift Card Manager features a visually attractive user-interface with a design and layout that will appeal to the customers. With the option of personalizing the digital gift card on the front-end, the shoppers will love to use it.

3. Capture Potential Customers and Orders

In the year 2020, the market value of digital gift cards is expected to increase to 400.95 billion dollars in 2021 from 378.97 billion dollars in 2020. Well, what more motivation do you need to have a PrestaShop Gift Voucher module in your store? You can capture new orders and potential customers as well.

4. Increased Sales

Once you give your customers a pleasant shopping experience, they will always come back for more. This is the same case with digital gift cards.

When customers purchase gift cards to your store, it is not meant to they buy once and stop them. They come back to your store to buy again the gift cards. The research says 70% of customers spend more than the value of the card. So the PrestaShop Send Gift Card addon definitely increases the sales to your store.

5. Brings in New Customers

When customer A gifts the digital gift card to person B, B would come back to the website/web store to check if there’s something he/she would like to buy. If the website is like Amazon or eBay, B would certainly something of value and would be the new customer at the store. Likewise, if your gift card is purchased, the potential customers would convert as new customers when they buy something with the gift card code on your store with the PrestaShop Gift Card module. 

6. Increased Brand Awareness

The best way of explaining this aspect is when the companies buy digital gift cards for their employees as awards, they promote your brand to them. By awarding digital gift cards to the employees, the employer is advertising your brand and making even those aware who are not aware of your store. Hence, the PrestaShop Send Gift Card addon is a source of brand awareness for your business.

7. Advance sales

Advance sales are when the digital gift card is given to someone else, that someone else will visit the store and make a purchase. With the gift card purchased, the website already figures out that the new purchase will happen – even if not immediately but in the near future it will happen. Hence, it is called advance sales.

8. A Personalized Experience

With the option of personalizing the PrestaShop Gift Card Addon in the front-end, the users can add images or have digital gift cards for the occasion that they want for. This enhances Personalized Customer Experience.

So, these are reasons why PrestaShop Gift Card Addon is the best option for your store in the coming year. Check out the links below to know more about the module:

Admin Demo

Front Demo

User Manual

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