What is the importance of PrestaShop Gift the Product Addon?

Addon which is beneficial for both customer and consumer is the Prestashop Gift The Product addon by Knowband. Furthermore, this addon helps store merchants to raise the sales of your eCommerce stores. Moreover, Prestashop gift the product addon benefits customers by providing them free products with their orders. As a result, customers would visit your eCommerce store more often. Hence, Prestashop gift products will be the best alternative for store merchants to get the customers to his stores.

PrestaShop Gift the Product Addon

Prestashop product purchase reward comprises various other features such as mobile responsive, multi-store compatible, and multilingual. Moreover, the store admin can set the number of gift products that he/she wants to show on the front end. This Prestashop product purchase reward module offers positive vibes, as a result, clients visit stores more often.

Features that make Prestashop gift the product addon unique:

Prestashop gift the product addon offers various things to website owners. A few of them are listed below:

  1. Prestashop free gift addon increases customer engagement.

2. Prestashop free gift addon reduces the risk of cart abandonment.

3. Addon offer freebies to the clients.

4. Encourages customers to purchase things more often.

Hence, this plugin is one of the best alternatives for store merchants.

Prestashop gift the product addon Installation steps:

Store merchants need to follow the following steps to install this Prestashop freebie Addon.

Step 1:

Under the modules folder of the system, add the addon folder.

Step 2:

Once the addon folder is added, the system will list the addon on the module page under the front office feature category.

Installation of Gift the product

Step 3:

Store admin needs to click on install Prestashop addon.

Prestashop promotion gift offers admin demo that includes options listed below:

Administration Module:

To configure the Prestashop promotion gift module, the store admin will find below options:

  1. General Settings
  2. Price Rules

Each section is described in detail in the user manual provided in the store.

Prestashop Gift Module Benefits offered to Store Admin-


Benefit 1: Prestashop Gift Module Increases customer engagement

Prestashop Gift Module increases the purchase of the products of an eCommerce store. Moreover, this Prestashop addon is the best alternative for store merchants as it increases customer engagement in the store. Furthermore, this addon allows store merchants to offer gifts to the customers accordingly on placing a particular order.

Benefit 2: Prestashop Gift Module permits merchants to create many price rules

Prestashop reward gifts permit store merchants to create many price rules from the backend to offer gifts to the clients at different cart prices.

Benefit 3: Provide various layouts

Prestashop reward gift offers different layouts hence store merchant has the liberty to choose any one of from provided layouts. This way merchants can make their stores look good.

Prestashop Gift Module Benefits offered to Customers-

Prestashop free gift addon is beneficial for customers as well. Furthermore, it allows store clients to choose from the free gift that he likes. The free gift is eligible after the customer satisfies the rule that has been created by the store merchant from the backend of the module.

Furthermore, Prestashop product purchase rewards motivate customers to complete their orders.

My Take on Prestashop Gift Module

I would recommend Prestashop gift the product addon to every store owner who is looking for an appealing option and can attract clients to the eCommerce store. Hence, the Prestashop freebie addon is the right alternative and would recommend installing it to experience great results for your Prestashop store.

Store merchants facing issues in any module or custom change request according to business requirements can write Knowband at support@knowband.com. Knowband is known for providing best-in-class plugins for different e-commerce platforms, Prestashop is one of them.

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