Prestashop Gift Card- Smart Way To Surprise Beloved Ones

Gift vouchers offer consistent comfort to online customers. Gift card beneficiaries are enabled with the decision and outfitted with a simple payment technique. The gift card is a hassle-free technique because of which customers find it easier to make a purchase decision addition. Furthermore, the simplicity of exchange permits the end-client to submit their orders from the store. This PrestaShop Gift Voucher Module makes the existence of online customers simpler. Prestashop Gift Card takes the conversations to another level. 

How Gift card help the income of your eCommerce store? 

E-Gift cards carry a ton of advantages to online-based business store owners. The advanced gift voucher pulls or attracts new clients that lead to more income and brand awareness. Therefore, investing in gift cards is a must for online store owners. 

Why PrestaShop Gift Cards?

1. PrestaShop Gift Card Is Appealing

The reason why store owners prefer PrestaShop Gift Card Manager is because of its appealing user interface. This comes with a new design and a layout that is interesting to end clients. The new version of PrestaShop Gift Card Manager has the usefulness to add new items from the backend and customized pictures from the front end. It enhances the client experience as well. 

2. PrestaShop Gift Card Great For Brand Awareness

Online store merchants should invest in PrestaShop Gift Cards because it is an incredible way of telling customers about the brand. When clients purchase the gift voucher for others, this leads to creating brand awareness among people.  

3. Allows Store Admin To Send Personalized Image Gift Card

PrestaShop Gift card manager permits customers to make a custom gift voucher with customized pictures and messages. These gift cards can be sent via email or can be printed. 

4. PrestaShop Gift Card Can Be Customized: 

Store admin of the PrestaShop website can perform different tasks from the backend. With PrestaShop Gift Card Manager, the admin can make add more layouts and gift vouchers for the clients.

5. Allows To Add a catchy title And personalized message:

With PrestaShop Gift Card Manager, the admin can put a catchy title to the gift voucher layout. The extension permit clients to review a message before sending them to their friends and family who are at the recipient’s end.

6. PrestaShop Send Gift Card addon Compatible With Different Languages and Stores: 

One of the biggest advantages of PrestaShopGift Card Manager is that it is compatible with different languages. This extension allows the admin to choose the language for the message and email formats or layouts. It eliminates the correspondence boundary looked at by eCommerce among different countries. PrestaShop Gift card Manager is multi-store-viable.

PrestaShop Gift Card Manager comes with various benefits for admin and customers mentioned below:

PrestaShop Gift Card Manager– benefits : 


  • PrestaShop gift voucher module permits the eCommerce store merchants to try and tap the audience that can’t settle on the buy choice in a few seconds.
  • The feature of adding new images and illustrations can give an appealing impact on the front-end.
  • The PrestaShop Gift voucher add-on permits the admin to set the terms and conditions of the gift voucher just as oversee it in a matter of seconds.

2. Customers:

  • PrestaShop gift voucher addon upgrades the client’s requirements by permitting them to offer a pre-loaded card to their friends and family. This PrestaShop Gift Voucher causes them to go to a quick purchase choice.
  • This PrestaShop gift voucher module allows the clients to track down the ideal gift.
  • The ease of using gift cards for future exchanges makes it simpler for them to shop from the store.

Which one to go for?

PrestaShop Gift Card by Knowband is the right choice for your eCommerce websites because it is one of the leading names in eCommerce development companies. Moreover, Knowband PrestaShop plugin development services enhance the functionality of eCommerce stores. 

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