Prestashop freebie addon- Motivates clients to finish checkout

The Prestashop freebie addon is an easy way to make your customers feel special. Using Prestashop freebie addone-merchants can offer gifts on the total checkout and a significant thing is this endowment of the client relying upon the complete cart value. Moreover, The Prestashop gift the product addon permits the store admin to choose any of the designs which he/she need to utilize. Furthermore, the store admin can likewise pick his preferred category for gifting the item. Hence, this Prestashop gift addon is an incredible method to encourage the client to finish his/her order. 

This Prestashop free gift module provides gifts to your clients based on their cart price. Further, the range, amount, and price of the cart can be managed by the admin from the backend.

Prestashop freebie addon features-

  • This Prestashop freebie addon has three distinct formats or layouts. Hence, the merchant can use any of these three designs to show the gifts at the front end to the customers.  
  • The wide range of gift products displayed in the front to the clients can likewise be viewed by the store admin in the backend of the module. 
  • This Prestashop product purchase reward has an appealing method to list the gift items which will certainly attract clients to complete the checkout process. Moreover, the store admin can enable the setting in the backend to display recently viewed products to customers in the gift list.
  • ThisPrestashop freebie addon makes offers great vibes and permits store clients to visit the site more frequently. 
  • Some clients will doubtlessly get eager to get certain gifts and will place the order just to receive. This leads to better customer engagement and increases store sales as well.  
  • Prestashop gift the product addon is mobile responsive.
  • The addon is multi-store compatible.
  • Prestashop freebie addon provides multilingual support.

 Admin benefits provided by Prestashop freebie addon –

  • Increase in the purchase of the products of the store. Moreover,Prestashop gift addonwill increase the engagement of the client with the store as the client may view the kind of gifts that will be received on ordering specific products.
  • Furthermore, the seller can make many value rules from the backend. This way seller can offer different gifts to the client at different cart values.
  • As Prestashop freebie addon has three distinct formats. Hence the seller has the freedom to pick any of those designs which makes his store look great.

Customer benefits provided by Prestashop freebie addon –

  • Clients can pick the free gift item preferred by the admin. This rule applies after the client satisfies the rule made by the merchant from the backend. 
  • Prestashop gift products motivate clients to complete the order. 


This Prestashop addon is the ultimate way to enhances sales rates and boost customer loyalty at the same time. Moreover, when the store admin installs this module on the store, the admin gets flexible controls to offer as well as manage free gift product to customers. Furthermore, this addon offers gifts to your clients depending on their cart price. Knowband, the main name as an eCommerce advancement organization gives Prestashop module improvement administrations to upgrade the usefulness of your eCommerce stores. For providing Prestashop module advancement, Knowband has recruited experienced Prestashop developers working with full dedication to offer best-in-class Prestashop plugins. 

On the off chance that there is an element you need on your Prestashop store, odds are that a Prestashop module will permit you to do it, on the off chance that you don’t track down any such module you can generally get in touch with them at for your custom plugin development requirements.

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