6 key features of PrestaShop Gift Card Addon to make every occasion more special

Knowband offers an easy way to add the functionality in the eCommerce store which is PrestaShop Gift Card Addon. This addon is an automated way to provide amazing features to online shoppers. PrestaShop gift card module makes it simpler for e-merchants to deal with something similar. This PrestaShop gift voucher module makes the existence of online customers simpler. Moreover, this addon takes the conversation to the following level. PrestaShop Gift Card attracts new customers and drives revenue. This helps in building brand awareness. Therefore, we will always recommend it.

Key Features of PrestaShopGift Card manager :

1. Can Be Placed Anywhere On Ecommerce Store:

The PrestaShop store owner can easily place the gift card voucher on their online store. This includes a header, left side, and at the footer section of the site. Likewise, Prestashop store admin can add gift vouchers in the item category as well.

2. Provide Improved UI Of The Front End

The latest version of PrestaShop Gift Card Manager offers a customized insight to the client. Moreover, its dynamic UI with an engaging layout and configuration draws in buyers.

3. Allows Sending Personalized Image Gift Card:

PrestaShop Gift Card Manager allows guests to make a custom gift voucher with a personalized image. Gift vouchers with the personalized images can be sent that to their loved ones.

4. Can Be Customized By Admin:

Store admin of the PrestaShop site can perform different functionalities from the backend. With PrestaShop Gift Card Manager, the admin adds more layouts and gift vouchers for the clients.

5. Email Templates:

PrestaShop Gift Card Addon has illustrative and very much planned email layouts. These pre-made formats will lessen the additional endeavours of the admin. In addition, an email will be sent to the client and the recipient with a customized message.

6.  Allows Admin To Add a Catchy Title and Personalized Message:

With PrestaShop Gift Card Manager, the admin can put an appealing title to the gift voucher format. Clients can review a message with the gift voucher for their friends and family who are at the recipient end.

Benefits Of PrestaShop Gift Card Addon

1.Attractive User Interface:

The Gift card manager has a new layout and design which are interesting to end clients. The latest version has the feature of adding new items from the backend. The latest version allows adding customized pictures from the front end. Thus, it improves the client experience.

2.Prestashop gift card Addon Increase Sales:

When a client buys gift vouchers from your eCommerce store, it’s not necessary they will purchase once and stop then. They return to your store and again purchase the gift vouchers. According to research, 70% of clients spend more than the estimation of the card. Thus, the PrestaShop Gift Voucher easily increases the sales of your eCommerce store.

3.Easy To Attract New Customers:

When a client gives the gift voucher to another person, the new buyers are able to visit the new store to investigate. This re-visitation leads to extra purchases.

4.Prestashop Gift Card Increse Sales:

Clients purchase used gift vouchers while buying different items. A client will easily use those sites which expands advance sales. PrestaShop Gift Voucher Addon enhances the client’s fulfilment by allowing them to offer a pre-loaded card to their friends and family. Furthermore, this addon assists them with going to a quick buy choice. This PrestaShop Gift Voucher Module permits the clients to track down the ideal gift. Moreover, using gift vouchers for future exchanges makes it simpler for them to shop from the store.

PrestaShop Gift Voucher Module allows the eCommerce merchants to try and tap the crowd base that can’t settle on the buy decision immediately. The PrestaShop Gift Voucher Addon allows the admin to set the terms and conditions in a matter of seconds.

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