Prestashop Gift Card Addon- A New Way Of Increasing Revenue

The PrestaShop gift card manager Addon by Knowband permits the PrestaShop store owners to manage the gift cards as per the needs. This extension is an efficient way of engaging more clients with the e-commerce website. The prepaid vouchers can help the e-merchants to purchase the intention of the store owner and effectively convert them into paying leads.

This extension offers flexibility to the client so that they can purchase the gift card online and send these gift vouchers to their friends, family members, and colleagues via email on a specific date and time. If a client wants to print a gift card in-person, PrestaShop Gift Card can be printed. This gift card comes with functionality through which store admin can create a personalized image gift card. PrestaShop Gift Cards can be ordered for special occasions by online shoppers. 

Why PrestaShop Gift Card?

Online shoppers or store admin must prefer gift cards for eCommerce stores or for loved ones. These gift cards are great for various occasions. For instance, birthdays, anniversaries, holiday seasons, or festivals.

Gift cards are high in demand on occasions such as Father’s Day. Around 12% of buyers purchase gift cards for wedding wishes and presents. Besides these facts, PrestaShop Gift Card Module comes with various advantages such as;

1.Attractive User Interface(UI)

PrestaShop Gift Card Module comes with a new layout and design that makes this extension appealing to end-users. The latest version of the PrestaShop Gift Card Module comes with the functionality of adding new products from the backend and personalized images from the front end. This module leads to a better customer experience as well. 

2.PrestaShop Gift Card Module Attract New Orders and Customers

Gift cards especially digital gift cards are sold mostly and more during the holiday season. Around 50 -60% of customers gift atleast one gift card to their beloved ones which results in better revenue.

3.PrestaShop Gift Card Module Leads To Increase In Sales

At the point when clients buy gift vouchers to your store, it isn’t intended to they purchase once and stop them. They return to your store and purchase again the gift vouchers. According to research, 70% of clients spend more than the value of the card. Therefore, the PrestaShop Gift Voucher Module unquestionably raises the sales to your eCommerce store.

 4.PrestaShop Gift Card Module Grab New Customers

At the point when a client gives the gift voucher to another person or buyer, new buyers are willing to visit your eCommerce store to investigate or have a look around. This leads to extra buys. According to the research analysis in the U.S, the client attempted another store or spot since they got a gift voucher for that business.

 5. PrestaShop Gift Card Enhance brand awareness

When it’s about promoting your eCommerce store, nothing better than Gift cards. PrestaShop Gift Card Module is a great source of advertisement and promotion. 

 6. PrestaShop Gift Card Manager Advance Sales

Clients purchase gift vouchers. These gift vouchers are used while buying different products. These item buying sites are chosen as of now as the gift voucher is bought. A client will undoubtedly utilize those websites leading to advance sales.


Prestashop gift card Addon enhances the customers’ satisfaction by permitting them to offer a prepaid card to their friends and family.  PrestaShop Gift Card Manager allows clients to find out the perfect gift makes the ease of using gift cards for future transactions makes it simpler for them to shop from the store. PrestaShop Gift Card Addon By Knowband is right for your eCommerce store as it is one of the leading names in the eCommerce industry. It creates plugin development services so that the functionality of eCommerce stores can be enhanced. 

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