The Prestashop Gift Card Manager is a stunner – Know more!

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager by Knowband is a successful module. The merchants look up to the Prestashop gift card addon for a lot. For instance, bringing new customers and increasing their sales. In fact, during the holiday season, merchants really get the boosted benefit from the Prestashop gift module.

Thus, this blog talks about the Prestashop Gift Card Manager by Knowband. Further, the small details that you should know about the Prestashop module. Now, let us go forth and check them out.

PrestaShop Gift Card Knowband

The configurable features of the Prestashop gift card Addon

The module is simple to activate and deactivate

The initial setting allows the store owner to simply activate or disable the module’s functionality by clicking a button.

The location of the area for gift cards

In reality, Admin has three alternatives available to him, the website’s header, footer, or left side. As a result, he may put it wherever he believes would stand out the best.

The photograph is being uploaded to the gift cards

With the Prestashop gift voucher module, the admin may allow customers to add photographs to the gift vouchers they would like to purchase.

Addition of merchandise to gift cards

Admins can individually add goods to the gift card’s new product settings. Number, cost, and expiration must also be included. In reality, the administrator can specify the card code to only be utilized partially.

Setting the delivery time

The admin may set the delivery date and time for the gift card using the Knowband Prestashop gift card module. He may also change the gift card’s status (ordered, delivered, and redeemed) from the backend.

Conventional email template

For the mailing of gift cards, the admin receives a preset email template. In addition, he may customize the template to make whatever modifications he wants.

Countless gift card creations

Using the Prestashop Gift Card Manager, the admin may generate as many gift cards as he wishes. He may, for example, have ten different sorts of gift cards for birthdays, five for anniversaries, and so on. In reality, different solutions may be suitable for a variety of holidays. If a consumer requests an event that isn’t already accessible at the store, you may easily create it. In addition, the owner can alter and delete gift cards if necessary.

The gift card’s rues may be simply customized

You may adjust the gift card’s price, validity, the number of items that can be purchased, and other settings by following a few simple steps.

Benefits of Prestashop Send Gift Module

  • Offering gift cards with customized photographs and messages can enhance customers’ purchase experiences, owing to the addition.
  • With the Knowband’s Prestashop gift card module, merchants can provide gift cards and boost holiday sales.
  • The feature not only helps shops increase revenue, but also attracts new clients while retaining existing ones.
  • Online businesses may instantly increase their brand exposure to thousands of customers with the Prestashop Gift module. Furthermore, by selling gift cards, you may avoid spending additional money on promotions.
  • Knowband’s Prestashop Gift Voucher module improves your customers’ buying interactions. Furthermore, it encourages consumers to spend more time on your website.

In the End

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager by Knowband is a stunning option for your eCommerce store. In fact, it is highly beneficial for the business as well. If you planning to add the functionality of gift cards to your store, reach out to us at

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