How PrestaShop Prefer Delivery Time Module Benefit Ecommerce Store?

Receiving orders online and delivering the ordered product to the customer’s address are the factors on which the eCommerce business works. Out of the two, getting and dealing with the orders is efficiently done by PrestaShop, an eCommerce platform. PrestaShop can manage all the functionalities you need in an eCommerce site despite an eCommerce platform. Furthermore,  this slacks the element of Preferred delivery time in its default nature.

A preferred delivery time feature permits a client to choose a custom date for delivering an ordered product to his/her shipping address. Ecommerce platforms, for instance, Amazon and Flipkart have officially adopted this feature. This feature has helped companies to get a great hike in their sales in the earlier year. Furthermore, the need for a Preferred delivery time feature is without a doubt significant, when we see the competitive nature of the eCommerce market today. Hence, we recommend  Prestashop Preferred Delivery Time Addon to store merchants.

Prestashop Preferred Delivery Time Addon

Prestashop Preferred Delivery Time Addon is an ideal approach to offer an effective user experience on the PrestaShop store. The checkout process on the PrestaShop store incorporates an option to enter the Preferred delivery time. With the help of Knowband Prestashop Preferred Delivery Time Addon customers visiting the store will be able to mention their preferred delivery time for the delivery of the order to their address. Prestashop Prefers Delivery Date And Time Module is beneficial to store merchants as well as clients.

Merchant benefits offered by Prestashop prefer delivery module:

  • The store admin can display the preferred delivery date and time selection option on the website.
  • The store merchants can offer a better shopping experience to online users.
  • Prestashop Prefer Delivery Date And Time Module provide the option of engaging clients with product delivery options that are exceptional.
  • Delivery Days Gap and set time slots can be set by store admin with the help of Prestashop Prefer Delivery Time Plugin. The delivery time field can be made optional or mandatory.

Customers Benefits offered by Prestashop prefer delivery module:

  • Prestashop Prefer Delivery Module allows clients to select their Preferred Delivery date and time
  • Once the order gets placed, clients can update their preferred delivery time. Moreover,  online clients can select the time slot accordingly for receiving the order.
  • Prestashop Prefer Delivery Time Moduleprovide email notification to online clients with the preferred delivery date and time details.


Prestashop Prefer Delivery Time Module makes your eCommerce website a resourceful destination for occasions like birthdays and anniversary gifts. With this addon, store merchants can allow online users to pick the preferred date and time for product delivery. Knowband offers Prestashop Prefer Delivery Date And Time Module which executes the functionality of showing an alternative to choose the preferred delivery date and time for product delivery. This highly customizable PrestaShop Preferred Delivery Time Module offers an effective way to expand client experience. The online clients can likewise get an email notification with the preferred delivery date and time details.

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