Deliver orders at your customers convenience | Prestashop Preferred Delivery Time addon

What do you do to increase your sales? The Prestashop store owners invest in conversion rate optimization techniques and customer engagement tricks that are the essential ones. Talking specifically about the latter, the owners now can increase their sales by letting the customers choose the delivery date and time. How? With the help of the Prestashop preferred delivery time extension.

The Prestashop prefer delivery date extension lets the customers choose the delivery date and time at the checkout page and get their package when they want. This way, the store owner, and customers stay happy shopping and selling respectively. So, what are the benefits of having the Prestashop addon on your eCommerce store? Take a look at them below.

  • The store admin can easily display the delivery date and time on the website with the Prestashop prefer delivery time addon.
  • With this Prestashop module, the merchant can offer a better shopping experience to customers.
  • The store admin enhances customer engagement in the store with this module.
  • With the Prestashop plugin, the store admin has the opportunity to leverage a feature that is not very common on many websites.
  • Activating the delivery time field is completely optional and the store admin can easily activate it or deactivate it on the website.
  • The online merchant can take some time free from delivery and mark those days in the week as no delivery days. He simply has to disable those days for delivery from the back-end.
  • The customizable email template can be easily configured by the admin with this Prestashop prefer delivery extension.

Key features of Prestashop Preferred Delivery Time addon

Looking forward to getting a better understanding of the Prefer delivery time Prestashop addon? Find the key features to get starting.

  1. The Prestashop prefer delivery module allows the customers to input their choice of date and time for the arrival of the order on the checkout page.
  2. The Prestashop addon also gives them the opportunity to do update the delivery preferences after the order is placed.
  3. The customers would find a calendar format for the date and a drop-down menu for choosing the time slot of the delivery.
  4. The store admin can customize the ‘time slot range’ at his/her ease. For example, if the time slot range is 2 hours, it will be shown as 8-10 AM, 10-12 AM, 12-2 PM, etc. In the updated version, there is an option to set the time slot range as 30 minutes also.
  5. The admin can also configure the start time of the delivery and the end time of the day.
  6. Where a delivery date is a mandatory option, the delivery time is an optional field. The admin can activate or deactivate this feature from the Prestashop prefer delivery addon by Knowband.
  7. The store admin can set ‘Delivery Days Gap’ between the order date and preferred delivery date with the Prestashop prefer delivery date extension.
  8. Customers cannot select a delivery date falling under the Delivery Days Gap.
  9. The Prestashop store admin can abstain from making deliveries on particular days by marking them as “Delivery not available during these days”.
  10. Configurable email template to customize the email to be sent to the customers.
  11. The Prestashop prefer delivery date by Knowband time is SSL Compatible.
  12. The store admin can set the first day of the week by settings 1-6 numbers. Here, 1 will be for Monday, 6 will be for Saturday, and for selecting Sunday, 0 number will be used.
  13. The Prestashop module is multi-store compatible.
  14. Preferred delivery date Prestashop addon is compatible with all Prestashop themes.
  15. The Prestashop prefer delivery time addon is compatible with multiple language support on Prestashop.

So, want to know more about how the Prestashop preferred delivery time module works? Check out the links below.

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