What are the benefits of having the Prestashop Preferred Delivery Time?

The Prestashop Preferred Delivery Time module by Knowband is an effective way to allow the customers to enter their preferred delivery date and time for a product on the Checkout page. Increasing the customer experience, the Prestashop module offers a better shopping experience in your store. The customers can choose the date and time when they want to receive their order.

When the store admin invests in the Prestashop prefer delivery time addon, he/she enhances the customer engagement on the website. Furthermore, lets them decide when and what time they want their package at their address. Finally, it increases the sales on your website. How? All the customers are getting what they want when they want and at the time that they want.

This blog talks about the benefits of the Prestashop preferred delivery time addon that you as store owners should know about. In addition, it will also lay down the key features of the Prestashop addon for better knowledge.

Benefits of Prestashop preferred delivery time addon

  1. It gives an upgraded user experience to the users with this Prestashop preferred delivery time module.
  2. Having the element to choose the delivery date and time is something, not all that normal and having this on your store will be an extraordinary influence.
  3. The whole control of the Prestashop preferred delivery date and time module by Knowband is in the hand of the store proprietor. He can actuate/deactivate and arrange the module according to the need of the store.

Features of the Prestashop prefer delivery time extension

1. Customers can pick the date and time of delivery

The Prestashop prefer delivery allows the customers to incorporate their choice of date and time for the deliveries on the checkout page.

2. The customers can change the date and time post order

The Prestashop module permits them to carry out the enhancements post order.

3. Calendar format for picking the date and drop down for the time

The customers would find a timetable format for the date and a drop-down menu for picking the time-space of the delivery.

4. The store admin can design the ‘time opening reach’ by the need

The admin can set the starting time of the delivery. In addition, the end time of the day can also be fixed in the Prefer delivery time Prestashop addon by Knowband.

5. The delivery time-space of the Prestashop prefer delivery time module is optional

The delivery time-space of the Prestashop prefer delivery date and time module an optional part that the store admin can institute or deactivate from the admin front. It is optional for the admin to display the time-space and he can hinder it from the back-end.

6. No-delivery days are markable

The store admin can without a very remarkable stretch engraving the no delivery days by hindering them from the back-end of the Prestashop prefer delivery date and time extension.

7. Set up of start delivery and end delivery time

The Prestashop prefer delivery module allows the store owner to set up the starting delivery and end delivery time of the day.

8. The email format is customizable

The email format that goes with the Prestashop prefers delivery time module is customizable. The store admin can customize it from the back-end.

9. The module is SSL reasonable

The Prestashop prefer delivery date by Knowband time is SSL Compatible.

10. Ease of installation and configuration

The Prestashop preferred delivery time extension isn’t hard to present and design. Not even a single line of code needs no changing to complete the usefulness of the module.


Do you want your customers to stay engaged and shop from your eCommerce store? Do you want your visitors to convert? You can easily do that by having the feature of Prestashop prefer delivery date and time extension on your store. Last, it makes it easier for the customers to get the deliveries when they want. In addition, helps you as store admin to exert less.

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