The most efficient features of the Prestashop Gift Card Manager are stunning – Know more

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager by Knowband is a stunning tool for any eCommerce marketer. In fact, the Prestashop gift card is a great option that increases the number of customers on your website. In addition, the Prestashop gift card manager is helpful in increasing the sales and revenues at your store as well. Thus, investing in the plugin by Knowband is all about perks and benefits for the admin. Further, all the admin has to do is install the module in the store. Moreover, create as many gift cards as he wants to for the customers.

Most efficient features of the Prestashop Gift Card Manager addon by Knowband:

Displaying the gift card section anywhere on the website

The very first feature that makes a huge difference for your business is the placement of the gift card segment. Further, the admin can easily showcase the gift cards in a place where he thinks is best. In fact, he can decide where the customers/visitors will easily find the segment. Moreover, search for the respective gift card that they want. Thus, he can place it on the header of the website, footer, or the left side of the website.

Personalization of the image on the gift card

This is one of the new features of the Prestashop gift module by Knowband. Further, the visitors and customers can easily add a customized image to the gift card. Thus, they can send tailored gift cards to their loved ones.

Personalization of the message on the gift card

Likwise, the Prestashop gift voucher module allows the customers to add a personalized message on the gift card. Further, this way the customers can show love to the recipient of the gift card.

Partial use of the gift card

The admin may use the PrestaShop Gift Card manager to create a new gift vouchers product with a specified number and expiration date. It permits the administrator to allow a gift card is usable in parts.

Pre-customized email templates

The Prestashop gift card module includes email templates that are both detailed and well-designed. These pre-made themes will save admin time and effort. The electronic cards are emailed to you. For the same, the admin receives preset email templates. Furthermore, via the PrestaShop send gift card addon’s backend, the templates customizable to meet the needs of e-merchants.

In the End

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager by Knowband is a stunning tool for your Commerce business. Check out about the plugin on the Knowband store.

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